Education across Borders, viz. Internationalization of Education is part of a 21st-century ethos. ELISI (EduLink International Services Inc.) is an international student recruitment agency, located in Canada. ELISI is engaged in advancing Canada’s Education Systems internationally and upholding the Internationalization of Education in Canada in the following manners:

⦁ We recruit international students from Bangladesh for Canadian academic institutions.
⦁ We work as a One-Stop-Shop for Bangladeshi Students keen to study in Canada.

Whether you are planning to join in a Canadian High School, a College or a University in Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate study programs, ELISI has the right expertise, information and networks to make your dreams come true.


Transform the lives of international students through Canadian Education Systems, facilitating them developed as Canadian Ambassadors, empowered with excellence in knowledge, skills, and intercultural communications and friendship.


⦁ Make ‘Studying in Canada’ information and services available to anyone and anywhere in Bangladesh, thereby providing easy and authentic access to Canadian Education institutions to a wide range of international students from Bangladesh.
⦁ Bring the best International Students from Bangladesh to Canada, thereby uphold the internationalization of Canadian education systems internationally.
⦁ Constantly innovate effective, practical, and fun ways to make a positive impact on our Students, our Canadian Schools, and our Communities, widening our circle of impact broadly along the way.


⦁ High performance and fair competition.
⦁ Togetherness-community-compassion.
⦁ Integrity 

Comparative Advantages

⦁ Authenticity and Operational Effectiveness by being in Canada.
⦁ Specialization in Student Mobility and Placement.
⦁ Canadian Education Domain Expertise.
⦁ Specialized Networks with Canadian Academic Institutions.
⦁ Strong networks in Bangladesh