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Why Choose ELISI

ELISI is a Canadian agency with offices in Alberta and Ontario. Also, ELISI has local contacts in other Canadian provinces.


We consult with Canadian schools to find the best match of your interests and requirements.


We process and follow up on your application with Canadian universities and colleges.


We help to find suitable accommodation for you in Canada;


We provide mentoring support to students throughout graduation years and beyond.

What's Our Students Say

“I had a really good experience with ELISI. I got my university offer letter in 5 days and my visa in 20 days. I received useful and timely guidance from ELISI throughout my admission and visa process. My sincere gratitude to the entire ELISI team!”
Golam Rabbi
“I had a great experience with ELISI! With appropriate consultation and guidance from ELISI, my entire study Canada journey was smooth and pleasant! The staff team is very friendly, accessible, and spontaneous in responding to my endless queries.”
Jebin Zaman
“Best service, the people are experienced and caring and helped in making my admission and visa process straightforward and easy. I’m very lucky that I found ELISI at the right time!”
Carmen Haas
“One of the best educational consultancy firms located in Canada but working with us (Bangladeshi students) fulfilling our higher study mission in Canadian academic institutions. I highly recommend my fellow students who are interested in pursuing higher studies in Canada to contact ELISI.”
Shahin Najafi

Our Partner University in Canada

Questions & Answers

Cape Breton is ‘One of the world’s most beautiful islands’ and named one of the ‘Best Trip’ and ‘Must See Places’ by National Geographic. The place is rich with outdoor adventure, dramatic coastal views, scenic sites and drives, and breathtaking views, friendly locals, and the freshest seafood imaginable. Activities in Cape Breton include:

  • Beaches and watersports
  • Music & dance
  • Local & international food
  • Hiking and trekking
  • Whale & bird watching
  • Skiing in winter (downhill & cross-country)
  • Ice skating
  • Important historic sites

Nova Scotia is Canada’s Warmest Province, with Four Distinct Seasons. Average High Temperatures and Weather Conditions are as below:

               Spring                  13⁰ C     cool transition from winter to summer

               Summer              23⁰ C     warm and breezy, reaching highs of 30⁰+ C

               Fall                        18⁰ C     mild and brilliantly vivid as the leaves change color

               Winter                -2⁰ C      snowy from January to April but less-so than most of Canada

  • Approximately 5400 full-time students
  • Over 2300 are international students, from more than 56 different countries
  • Relatively some of the smallest class sizes in the country (student: teacher ratio)
  • One of the highest student satisfaction rates in Canada
  • Highly ranked in “Teaching Instruction” and “Entire Education Experience”
  • The largest investment in student services of any Canadian university
  • First energy self-sufficient campus in North America
  • A degree-granting institution since 1974


Also, CBU has the following on-campus facilities:

  • Academic advising and tutoring services
  • Writing center, as well as Math and Science academic support
  • Health center with a doctor, nurse, and physiotherapist on staff
  • Support for students with disabilities
  • Women’s center
  • Counseling services
  • Prayer & meditation room


Finally, CBU offers a vibrant campus life to its international students with:

  • Active Student Union with over 70 clubs and societies
  • Student lounge for entertainment and relaxation
  • Regular cultural observances and community events blend local and international traditions
  • Undergraduate Degrees (3 or 4 years, and 2+2 articulation agreements)
  • Post-Diplomas, Post-Degree, & Post-Baccalaureate options
  • Transfer of Credits

To maintain a study permit, an international student requires registering every semester in a minimum of three (3) subjects per semester, excluding labs.