International Students

ELISI provides the following services to the students, willing to study in Canada. ELISI does not charge fees to the students for these services.

Assessment and Advising

  • Assess students’ academic records, extra-curricular activities, and standardized testing scores to help to identify the best academic institution for them.
  • Evaluate the needs and requirements of each student; complete student-sponsor questionnaire, transcripts, and standardized test scores.
  • As and when required, help students locate the right Canadian institution to assess and convert students’ international credentials into the Canadian equivalent.
  • As and when required, assist in application groundwork.

Visa Guidance

  • Provide guidance for student permit requirements and visa application process.
  • Communicate with the admission representatives in Canadian institutions to acquire all necessary travel documents, including the I-20 form on time, to avoid delays in acquiring the student permit. However, it is the student’s responsibility to apply for necessary visas on time.

Pre-Departure Orientation

  • Arrange a pre-departure orientation session for the students. The orientation covers all relevant information about Canada, i.e., climate, culture, living, and studying in Canada.

Accommodation and Airport Pickup

  • Assist and arrange accommodation for our incoming students (on request).
  • Pick up students on arrival and drop them to the new home (on request).


  • Provide mentoring and support to students throughout graduation years and beyond.